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2010.05.11 10:52

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원문 : -- 조인상 // 시스템 엔지니어

Writer : -- ischo // System Engineer in Replubic Of Korea





본문 : -- 조인상 //시스템 엔지니어


vi /etc/syslog.conf
# example:
# "mail messages, at debug or higher, go to Log file. File must exist."
# "all facilities, at debug and higher, go to console"
# "all facilities, at crit or higher, go to all users"
#  mail.debug          /usr/spool/mqueue/syslog
#  *.debug              /dev/console
#  *.crit                      *
#  *.debug              /tmp/syslog.out    rotate size 100k files 4
#  *.crit              /tmp/syslog.out    rotate time 1d
*.warning      /var/spool/syslog
[root@p615 /var/spool]# touch /var/spool/syslog
[root@p615 /var/spool]# chmod 666 /var/spool/syslog
[root@p615 /var/spool]# refresh -s syslogd
0513-095 The request for subsystem refresh was completed successfully.

데몬 재시작
stopsrc -s syslogd
startsrc -s syslogd


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